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What a CATCH: Tampa Mayor Jane Castor finds 70 lbs of cocaine

Drawing from her three decades of experience in law enforcement, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor promptly recognized the situation unfolding before her during a recent leisurely fishing trip with her family.

"I'm pretty certain that's cocaine," she conveyed to her younger sister.

While relishing a break in the serene landscapes of the Florida Keys towards the end of the previous month, the family came upon an unusual sight in the water – a suspicious package.

The U.S. Border Patrol confirmed that the package concealed a substantial 70-pound cache of cocaine, valued at over $1 million.

Collectively, the family managed to hoist the package onto their vessel, with Castor ensuring she marked the location on her timepiece. Subsequently, they contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to formally report their discovery.

In due course, federal agents were dispatched to take possession of the package.

Walter Slosar, the chief patrol agent within the Border Patrol's Miami sector, shared an image of the cocaine bricks on Twitter, alluding to Castor as an enthusiastic recreational boater.

According to the Times, the remaining duration of the mayor's family vacation was dedicated to capturing approximately 60 lobsters.

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