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The Surprising Outfit Jason Kelce Sported at the Chiefs-Ravens Game That Left Fans Astonished

Fans were left in disbelief as images of Jason Kelce at the Chiefs-Ravens playoff showdown circulated on Sunday, January 28th.

The Eagles' center, renowned for his trademark flip-flops regardless of the climate and preference for cozy attire, made an appearance at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore donning another "Big Yeti" t-shirt, reminiscent of his support for Travis Kelce in the previous playoff game against the Bills. However, instead of his usual sweatpants, Jason opted for a pair of lightwash denim jeans.

Listeners of the brothers' podcast, New Heights, would understand the significance of Jason bringing jeans, as he famously forgot to pack a pair for the premiere of his Amazon Video docuseries Kelce, striding down the green carpet in athletic shorts.

When Travis questioned why Jason was "really dressed up," Jason initially blamed his wife, Kylie Kelce, for being late. However, he eventually admitted his oversight in not bringing jeans for himself.

Fans rejoiced at the sight of "Jason brought jeans for Jason!!!" and joked about his previous topless antics from the weekend before, where he braved the cold, celebrated his brother's touchdown fervently, and interacted with the crowd below from his suite window.

Though the cameras had yet to catch a glimpse of him during the game, fans speculated about whether he remained fully clothed or not.

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