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The AP Retracts First Official Photo of Princess Diana Post-Abdominal Surgery: Here's Why

The initial release of Kate, the Princess of Wales' first official photo post-abdominal surgery, faced retraction by The Associated Press and other news outlets due to suspicions of image manipulation.

Released by Kensington Palace amidst growing social media speculation about the princess's absence since December, the photo intended to quell rumors. However, observers noted inconsistencies in its details, prompting concerns about its authenticity.

Although there were no allegations of forgery, the AP withdrew the image citing failure to meet its photo standards. Kensington Palace offered no comment on the matter.

The photo, accompanied by a Mother's Day message from Kate, was shared on social media by the Prince and Princess of Wales' accounts. It depicted a seemingly healthy Kate with her three children, attributed to her husband, Prince William, and claimed to be taken in Windsor earlier that week.

Despite quickly becoming a prominent news story in the UK, with nearly 50 million views on social media, scrutiny revealed discrepancies in the image, leading to its removal by the AP and other agencies by the evening.

The decision to retract the photo aligned with AP's editorial standards, which prohibit the use of digitally altered images. Minor editing for clarity is permissible, but changes that significantly deviate from the original scene are not allowed. The AP's action, known as a "photo kill," involved withdrawing the image and advising clients to cease its use.

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