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Suge Knight Cautioned Diddy About Potential Threats to His Safety in a Prison Phone Call: “They're Targeting You If Possible”

Music mogul Suge Knight, currently serving a sentence for voluntary manslaughter, has conveyed a warning to his longtime rival in the hip-hop industry, P Diddy. In a recently surfaced audio clip reportedly from Knight's podcast "Collect Call," recorded in a California state prison, Knight prayed for Diddy's family before expressing concerns about his safety. Knight hinted at the existence of undisclosed information and cautioned Diddy that his life might be at risk.

Referring to a controversial incident involving Diddy, Knight urged him to surrender to authorities, drawing from his own experience with legal issues. He also offered unconventional advice on adjusting to prison life if Diddy were to face incarceration. Knight advised against using certain aliases and referred to his own past conflicts with Diddy, dating back to the 1990s East Coast vs. West Coast rap rivalry.

The warning comes amid federal investigations into sex trafficking allegations against Diddy, with raids conducted at his residences in Florida and California. Despite vehement denials and legal actions from Diddy's attorneys, rumors persist surrounding his alleged involvement. While Diddy has not been charged, the scrutiny intensifies as additional claims surface regarding his alleged engagement in illicit activities.


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