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Ryan Gosling Expresses Disapproval Over Oscars Exclusion of Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig

Ryan Gosling has expressed his disappointment over the Oscar snub of Barbie's Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie in two key categories. Despite his own nomination for best supporting actor, Gosling criticized the Academy for overlooking the film's director and lead actress. In a statement, he acknowledged the honor of his nomination but emphasized the crucial roles played by Gerwig and Robbie in the success of the globally celebrated film.

Gosling began by expressing gratitude for the nomination, humorously acknowledging his portrayal of the plastic doll Ken. However, he quickly shifted focus to the significant contributions of Gerwig and Robbie to the groundbreaking film. He lamented their absence from the best director and best actress categories, describing it as an understatement to say he's disappointed.

The actor highlighted the impact of Gerwig and Robbie's talent, grit, and genius, asserting that the recognition of anyone involved in the film wouldn't be possible without them. Gosling praised the duo for making audiences laugh, breaking hearts, pushing cultural boundaries, and making history with their work. He urged the Academy to acknowledge their deserving contributions along with other nominees.

Despite Gosling's happiness for his co-star America Ferrera and other artists involved in the film, he concluded his statement by underscoring the significance of recognizing Gerwig and Robbie's roles. The statement stood out as an unusual and direct response to the Academy's nomination decisions, reflecting the intense criticism received earlier in the day.

Barbie, the year's biggest hit, not only attracted moviegoers back to cinemas with "Barbenheimer" but also received a best picture nomination. The film, considered a challenging project, garnered eight nominations in total, including costume design, production design, and two original song nominations.

Online reactions to the snub echoed Gosling's sentiments, with criticisms directed at Hollywood's tendency to overlook and discount the artistic contributions of women. Some questioned the Academy's understanding of the plot of the highest-grossing movie of all time, emphasizing the need for a reevaluation of their selection criteria.

While Gerwig received a nomination for best adapted screenplay with co-writer Noah Baumbach, criticisms emerged, suggesting that the Barbie script should be categorized as an original screenplay. Despite the controversy, the film's overall recognition underscored its impact and success in various aspects of filmmaking.

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