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Rick Springfield Conveys a Firm Message Following Richard Marx's Condemnation of a Disruptive Concert Heckler

Rick Springfield and Richard Marx are currently embarking on a co-headlining acoustic tour across the United States. However, a recent incident during one of their concerts sparked attention when Marx addressed a disruptive heckler onstage, prompting Springfield to offer his support in a memorable way.

The incident occurred during a concert in Port Chester, N.Y., where Marx, aged 60, was performing his song "Angelia" when a woman in the audience began loudly talking, disrupting the performance. Despite efforts from other audience members to quiet her down, she persisted, causing a disturbance that caught Marx's attention.

In a video captured by TMZ, Marx can be seen singing with the heckler's voice audible over his vocals and guitar. After finishing the song, Marx took a moment to address the rude behavior, expressing his astonishment at the heckler's lack of manners and upbringing.

"I'm genuinely curious who raised you to think that anything you could yell out was more important than what we were doing," Marx exclaimed before bluntly instructing the heckler to learn some manners.

Springfield, aged 74, intervened with a humorous anecdote from a past performance where disruptive individuals were conversing loudly at a bar. He then playfully issued a comical "threat" to the heckler, adding a light-hearted touch to the situation.

Amidst the entertainment of their onstage banter, Springfield has also garnered attention for his remarkably fit physique, particularly remarkable for someone in their seventies. Fans have marveled at his physical condition, with one sharing a shirtless photo from a concert in Atlantic City in 2022.

When asked about his secret to maintaining such good shape, Springfield revealed his dedication to daily workouts, including sessions with a trainer, and his commitment to a healthy diet. He also credited his wife of 40 years, Barbara Porter, for her support and culinary skills, emphasizing her role in ensuring he stays nourished and energized.

With his fitness regimen and supportive spouse by his side, Springfield appears poised to continue delighting audiences with his performances and clever comebacks for years to come.

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