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Rick on the Roof is NO MORE!

After a steadfast six-day rooftop protest, a resident of Fort Myers Beach has finally descended.

At 6 p.m. on Monday, the man known as "Rick on the roof" declared his official retirement from his elevated stance.

"Retiring from the roof until I put a new one on," he humorously remarked.

Rick's family, friends, and neighbors assembled to pay tribute to his dedication. His decision to descend stemmed from his desire to respect his neighbors' tranquility, as many passersby would honk their horns in support.

"He's a true inspiration to everyone in this island community," expressed a resident to NBC2.

Throughout the past six days, Rick only descended via the ladder during storms or for restroom breaks. He even managed to sleep up there. However, he expressed his anticipation to once again revel in the comforts of air conditioning.

Check out the video from NBC-2 below:

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