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Rapper Killer Mike Detained and Questioned by Police at 2024 Grammys Following Alleged Involvement in Physical Altercation

Following his three wins at the pre-show ceremony on Sunday, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, aged 48, found himself in a situation captured on video by The Hollywood Reporter writer Chris Gardner and shared on Twitter (now known as X). The footage showed Killer Mike being detained by authorities as he exited the Arena in Los Angeles, with an onlooker audibly expressing support with the phrase "Free Mike."

The specifics regarding whether Killer Mike, born Michael Render, has been formally charged or booked remain unclear. TMZ's report suggested that the incident stemmed from an alleged physical altercation. Gardner further relayed information from a police source indicating that Killer Mike might be released from the arena later.

While a public information officer from the Los Angeles Police Department declined to confirm the individual's identity as Killer Mike to PEOPLE, they did disclose that around 4 p.m., a male was detained in connection with a physical altercation. The representative added that the individual is currently undergoing questioning as the investigation unfolds.

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