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Pauly Shore's Film on Richard Simmons Doesn't Have Permission, According to Simmons

Pauly Shore is stepping into the shoes of renowned weight loss guru Richard Simmons. The 55-year-old actor and comedian takes on the role of Simmons in a new short film titled "The Court Jester," set to premiere at The Cabin in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 19 and subsequently on YouTube worldwide later that night. Additionally, Shore is slated to portray Simmons again in a potential biopic currently in development at the Wolper Organization.

A teaser trailer for "The Court Jester," directed and written by Jake Lewis, was released on Jan. 17. The teaser features Shore donning Simmons' iconic workout attire, complete with short shorts and a sparkly tank top. Shore captures Simmons' trademark compassion and positivity as he interacts with a crew member on a TV set, emphasizing self-love and dismissing the significance of weight.

Expressing his excitement for the biopic project, Shore stated, "I’m really excited about sharing Richard Simmons’s life with the world. We all need this biopic now more than ever." Shore acknowledges Simmons as a representation of mental health, fitness, and authenticity, praising the joy he brought to audiences.

Shore revealed that the idea to play Simmons emerged after fans on social media pointed out the physical resemblance between him and the reclusive 75-year-old fitness legend. Beyond the physical likeness, Shore claims a deep connection with Simmons, citing shared interests in helping people, promoting health, and exuding positive energy. Despite Simmons not being directly involved in the projects, Shore received positive feedback from Simmons' representatives.

Simmons, through a message on his verified Facebook page on Jan. 17, addressed the movie news, clarifying that he had not given permission for the biopic. The Wolper Organization responded, expressing respect for Simmons' desire for privacy and committing to produce a movie that honors and celebrates his life.

In a video posted on Instagram, Shore defended his portrayal of Simmons, emphasizing the importance of opportunities in life and promising to immerse himself fully in the role.

Simmons, known for his reclusiveness in the past decade, inspired the podcast "Missing Richard Simmons," which aimed to uncover the reasons behind his disappearance. Simmons debunked rumors of being held hostage in a live call to TODAY in March 2016, citing his desire for solitude and addressing health concerns.

Simmons, who communicated publicly in August 2022 after years of silence, thanked fans for their kindness following the release of a documentary on his mysterious disappearance. Despite Simmons' reservations about the biopic, the Wolper Organization aims to produce a film that recognizes his significant impact on the world while respecting his privacy.

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