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Marijuana washes up on Florida beach

Neptune Beach, Florida, witnessed an unusual sight on Saturday morning when a significant quantity of marijuana washed ashore near Florida Boulevard. The unexpected discovery caught the attention of beachgoers, including Zach West, who was visiting the beach with his mother.

To verify the substance, Zach took a whiff and confirmed that it was indeed marijuana, resembling sargassum, a type of seaweed.

Concerned about potential risks to others, Zach's mother immediately notified the Neptune Beach Police Department. She emphasized the dangers, especially considering that modern-day marijuana is sometimes laced with substances like fentanyl, which could prove fatal, especially to children if accidentally ingested.

In response to the situation, the Neptune Beach Police Department collaborated with Public Works to clear the marijuana from the beach. Authorities also issued a warning to all beachgoers who might be tempted to pick up or take home any of the discovered marijuana. They urged everyone to refrain from doing so, as the prolonged exposure to seawater had caused the marijuana to deteriorate rapidly.

The incident drew attention and varied reactions from visitors. Suzanna Joseph expressed her surprise at not seeing a gathering of hippies on the beach due to the marijuana abundance.

On a more cautious note, Bryan Crews, who was reminded of a scene from a TV show, speculated that the overall quantity might have amounted to around five or ten pounds.

The police are currently advising people to avoid the specific area of the beach until the clean-up is complete.

This unforeseen event has certainly added a unique twist to a typical beach day for the residents and visitors of Neptune Beach, Florida.

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