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Hulk Hogan Assists in Rescuing Teenage Girl Trapped Following Florida Car Accident

Retired wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, along with his friend Jake Rask, played hero when they rescued a teenage girl trapped in an overturned vehicle after a crash in Florida. Hogan shared the daring incident on the social media platform X, revealing that he used a ballpoint pen to puncture the car's airbag and free the distressed girl upon witnessing the accident in Tampa on a Sunday night.

Hogan's recent spouse, yoga instructor Sky Daily, expressed her admiration on Facebook for the swift and decisive action taken by her 70-year-old husband and Rask. She noted that despite the alarming situation, the girl seemed miraculously unharmed but understandably shaken.

The Tampa Police Department confirmed on Tuesday, via email, that there were only minor injuries resulting from the crash. Hogan, also known by his real name Terry Bollea and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, resides in the Tampa Bay area. Expressing gratitude on X, he thanked God for the positive outcome and concluded with a heartfelt "Amen HH."

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