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Grand Ole Opry Issues Apology Following Elle King's Profanity-Laden and Flawed Dolly Parton Tribute Performance

The Grand Ole Opry has issued an apology to fans following a controversial appearance by Elle King, who seemed to be intoxicated during a Dolly Parton tribute on Friday night. In a departure from the typically family-friendly show, King, describing herself as "fucking hammered," used profanity, engaged in awkward banter with hecklers, and struggled to recall the Parton song she was supposed to sing as part of the birthday tribute.

The Opry expressed deep regret for the language used during the performance in a statement on their X (formerly Twitter) account. The apology came in response to widespread anger from country fans, with one attendee at the Ryman Auditorium performance expressing disappointment on X, stating that Elle King's performance had ruined the night.

Video clips showed King altering the lyrics to the Parton song "Marry Me" with explicit language. She also addressed the audience, stating that they wouldn't get their money back and openly admitting to being intoxicated. Some critics saw this as a misguided attempt to cultivate an outlaw image as King transitions from pop-rock to country. Others expressed concern for her health, as King has previously discussed performing while inebriated in interviews.

Country music site Saving Country Music criticized King, stating that she owes both Parton and the Opry an apology. The site's editor suggested that Elle King's behavior came across as sad rather than rebellious and might be interpreted as a cry for help. The article also highlighted concerns about King's future in country music, stating that disrespecting the Opry and Dolly Parton is not the best way to establish herself in the genre.

Representatives for King and the Opry did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Despite the controversy, King has recently enjoyed high-profile TV gigs within the country arena. However, reactions to her Opry performance have sparked a mix of compassionate and angry responses, with some expressing concern for her well-being.

Elle King's transition to country music has been generally well-received, but the article suggests that her recent behavior might not be conducive to a successful career in the genre. The piece concludes by mentioning King's upcoming tour schedule, including a show planned for California's Stagecoach Festival on April 26.

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