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Florida Woman Charged After Ex-Boyfriend, Bloodied from Dog Attack, Seeks Police Assistance

In Florida, a woman has been accused of orchestrating a violent attack on her ex-boyfriend by commanding her dog to assault him, as reported by the Bunnell Police Department.

The incident unfolded when an officer, stationed in their patrol vehicle to monitor speeding, observed a white Camaro pulling up beside them on January 15, according to the department's charging affidavit. The driver, a man covered in blood with deep laceration marks on both forearms, approached the officer.

The man revealed that he had been attacked by his ex-girlfriend's dog at her apartment. He disclosed that he and Jennifer Estella Flores, 34, had been in a relationship for eight years, having lived together three years ago before breaking up. Despite the breakup, he occasionally visited her apartment for casual interactions. On this particular day, Flores had invited him over.

Upon arrival, the situation escalated as Flores, seemingly intoxicated, began arguing with him and threw his clothes into the bathroom. Feeling uncomfortable, he attempted to leave, prompting Flores to grab the gold chain around his neck and choke him. She then removed her shirt, urging him to hit her to cause bruises.

As he tried to exit, Flores instructed her dog to attack him, resulting in the animal latching onto his arms and legs. Despite the brutal assault, the ex-boyfriend managed to escape and sought help from a passing officer.

Upon reaching the apartment, officers observed blood splatter on the door. Inside, they found Flores wrapped in a blanket, with rubbing alcohol and a pool of blood in the living room. She was subsequently arrested and charged with domestic violence strangulation, domestic violence aggravated battery, and domestic violence false imprisonment.

The bizarre and violent incident took place in Bunnell, situated approximately 75 miles northeast of Orlando.

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