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Florida veterinarians conduct a CT scan on a 376-pound alligator

If you thought the challenge of taking your dog or cat to the vet was daunting, just imagine the task of bringing a nearly 400-pound alligator in for a check-up.

Veterinarians from the University of Florida recently faced this unique challenge when they had to perform a medical assessment on Brooke, a hefty 376-pound inhabitant of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. The park's authorities noted that Brooke had been exhibiting sporadic head-rolling behavior in the lagoon where he resides, alongside other concerning symptoms that warranted a thorough examination.

This comprehensive evaluation involved a series of procedures including drawing blood, capturing radiographic images, and even conducting a CT scan. To facilitate these tests, Brooke was securely fastened to a board, his eyes gently covered with a cloth.

Upon analyzing the results, the zoological medicine experts from the University of Florida identified an ear infection as the cause of Brooke's distress. While the exact method for treating an alligator's ear infection was not disclosed by officials, they expressed their well wishes for Brooke's swift recuperation.

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