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Florida Law Invalidates Miami-Dade County's Pit Bull Ban

A new Florida law set to take effect on Sunday will render Miami-Dade County's ban on pit bulls null and void. The law, known as the Authorization of Restrictions Concerning Dogs, was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis following its passage as Florida State Bill 942 and Florida House Bill 941 by state lawmakers.

Starting from October 1, this law will invalidate Miami-Dade County's longstanding ban on pit bulls, which was instituted in 1989 following a severe dog attack on a 7-year-old girl that necessitated extensive reconstructive surgeries.

While the state law overturns the county's ban on pit bulls, it still allows residential communities to enforce restrictions on specific dog breeds.

There are opponents of this law who express concerns about public safety in the absence of the ban. Advocacy groups like the National Pit Bull Victim Awareness continue to advocate for breed-specific legislation.

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