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Dwayne Johnson Shares Heartwarming Gesture with ESPN Host After She Admires His Ring On Air: Witness the Touching Moment

"It holds special meaning that you acknowledged it,” expressed the 'Fast & Furious' star.

The versatile entertainer presented ESPN host Molly Qerim with a vintage piece of jewelry during a segment on the First Take talk series.

Johnson, aged 51, bestowed upon the host a vintage David Yurman Empire Signet sterling silver ring adorned with black diamonds after Qerim expressed her admiration for the exquisite piece.

“That pinky ring, I don't know if that's vintage, but I'm obsessed with rings, if you can tell I've been staring at it the entire show,” Qerim remarked to Johnson as the segment concluded. “It's amazing.”

Promptly responding, Johnson removed the ring from his pinky, handed it to the host, and simply said, “There you go.”

“No. Are you serious? Stop it. This is incredible,” exclaimed Qerim.

“So [WWE President] Nick Khan's sister-in-law Lisette Mora is one of my dear friends, and she's my stylist, and I was literally going to text her, like, we need something like this vintage,” shared the host.

“It is vintage. It means a lot to me, but it means so much that you called it out,” conveyed the former WWE star.

Reconfirming her disbelief, Qerim asked if he truly intended to gift the ring, to which he unequivocally replied, “Absolutely, 100%. Yes.”

Following the episode, Qerim and First Take shared a collaborative Instagram post highlighting the special moment between the host and actor.

“I’ve been very blessed to interview some amazing people over the yrs, but there is a special energy & light to The Rock,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “Tough guy, but you can feel his heart. He’s humble & sees people. No accident he’s so successful. Grateful!”

The First Take account added, “This is so so kind ❤️.”

More recently, the Fast X star embraced another vintage fashion moment during the holiday season. The actor paid homage to his younger self by humorously recalling one of his infamous outfits on Christmas.

In the video, the Moana star sported a long-sleeved black turtleneck and denim jeans accessorized with a gold chain and black fanny pack. His signature bald head was covered in faux hair reminiscent of the ‘90s.

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