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DJ Khaled Insists on Being Carried from Car to Stage by Security to Preserve Air Jordans

DJ Khaled Goes to Extremes to Keep His Air Jordans Spotless

In a comical Instagram post shared on Monday, the Grammy-winning artist, DJ Khaled, showcased his dedication to preserving his pristine Nike Air Jordans. Prior to his performance at the 2024 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami, Khaled enlisted the help of two security guards to ensure his beloved sneakers stayed immaculate.

In the video, Khaled, 48, humorously expressed his desire to keep his Jordans clean as he sat in a car, beckoning the guards for assistance. Gratefully acknowledging their aid, he quipped, "Thank you, brothers. I appreciate it."

Navigating through sandy terrain, the guards carefully transported Khaled to a waiting vehicle with a truck bed, all in the name of safeguarding the coveted Js. Once near the stage, they once again hoisted him onto their shoulders, allowing him to make a grand entrance while sparing his shoes from any potential blemishes.

The performance itself proceeded seamlessly, with Khaled delivering a crowd-pleasing setlist, including surprise guest appearances such as Rick Ross.

In a teasing caption accompanying the Instagram post, Khaled hinted at forthcoming collaborations with Drake, tantalizing fans with the promise of new music on the horizon.

"When I say 2✌🏽 you say DRAKES," he playfully wrote, while also mentioning the ongoing work on his upcoming album, tagging his record label, We Da Best.

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