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Barbie The Album officially arrived on Friday (July 21), with a star studded tracklist

Barbie The Album made its official debut on Friday (July 21), boasting a star-studded tracklist featuring some of the industry's biggest names like Nicki Minaj with Ice Spice, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and many more. Accompanying the film's theatrical release on the same day, the album has now been expanded into "Barbie The Album (Best Weekend Ever Edition)," treating fans to two additional tracks.

Among the fresh offerings in this extended version, we find a captivating cover of Indigo Girls' "Closer To Fine" performed by Brandi Carlile, beautifully accompanied by her wife Catherine Carlile. Furthermore, fans can relish in Ryan Gosling's rendition of Matchbox Twenty's hit "Push," which he also performed in the movie.

The process of creating this remarkable soundtrack was helmed by executive soundtrack producer Mark Ronson, who teamed up with Andew Wyatt. Initially, their task was to score only the opening credits, but their exceptional talent caught the attention of director Greta Gerwig, who soon entrusted them with more musical segments. As the project evolved, they became fully immersed, fiercely guarding the music creation for the film. Mark Ronson shared, "We were like, 'This is ours!' It was a ton, ton, ton of work. [The movie] overtook my life for a year, but it was completely worth it."

Now that the film is out, Atlantic Records executives Kevin Weaver and Brandon Davis express their delight that audiences can immerse themselves in the songs within the film's carefully crafted setting, including the deluxe edition tracks. Kevin Weaver said, "These records are all strong enough to live in a world by themselves," but the addition of the film's context will breathe new life into the music, enhancing the overall experience for fans.

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