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Alyssa Milano Responds Following Criticism for Fundraising for Her Son’s Baseball Trip

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano found herself in the spotlight after receiving criticism for seeking donations totaling $10,000 from fans to support her son's baseball journey to Cooperstown, New York, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) on January 26, Milano addressed the issue head-on. "I’m receiving inquiries about my financial contributions to my son’s baseball team. I’ve covered uniform costs for the entire team and coaches, organized birthday celebrations, and sponsored any child unable to afford monthly dues," she stated.

Milano emphasized the team's own fundraising efforts, including car washes and movie nights, thanking those who had supported their GoFundMe campaign. "Your contributions have eased the burden for these boys and their families," she expressed gratefully.

The initial post by Milano, shared the previous day, appealed for assistance in financing her son Milo's baseball team trip to Cooperstown. Alongside a picture of Milo and his teammates, she invited donations through a GoFundMe link, citing the team's aspirations and achievements.

While some rallied behind Milano's initiative, her plea sparked a wave of criticism on X, with users questioning why a wealthy individual like herself was soliciting funds from those less fortunate.

Critics pointed out Milano's estimated net worth of $10 million, suggesting she should cover the expenses herself. "Why isn't Alyssa Milano footing the bill for the entire team?" queried one commenter, echoing sentiments shared by others.

Despite the backlash, Milano's fundraising efforts were nearing their $10,000 target within 24 hours of the post. While controversy swirled, supporters applauded her dedication to her son's team, expressing admiration for her contributions.

Milano's response reflects the complexities of navigating public scrutiny, especially regarding matters of personal finance and charitable giving.

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