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Akon's "Lonely" Video Achieves Billion Views Milestone on YouTube

Akon has achieved another remarkable milestone as his music video for "Lonely" becomes the latest addition to YouTube's exclusive Billion Views Club. This achievement marks his third video to reach this remarkable milestone on the popular video streaming platform.

The music video for "Lonely," released in 2005, opens with Akon receiving a standing ovation from enthusiastic fans at one of his concerts. However, the applause quickly fades, leaving Akon alone on the stage. He is then offered the chance to hang out with a group of friends, both male and female, but he politely declines, his mind preoccupied with numerous thoughts.

The video then transitions to scenes in which Akon reflects on the actions that caused his girlfriend, portrayed by Kat Graham of "The Vampire Diaries," to abruptly leave him without explanation. As the singer roams the city, visiting an abandoned video game arcade and strolling down a bustling boulevard, Graham is seen crying in separate scenes. She takes a plane ticket, packs her bags, and departs from the home she once shared with Akon. The video concludes with Graham arriving in a taxi and warmly greeting a man who is not Akon with a hug.

"Lonely" originally served as the third single from Akon's debut studio album, "Trouble." The track made a significant impact on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 4 and spending a total of 20 weeks on the chart. It marked Akon's third solo entry on this prominent chart.

This remarkable accomplishment for "Lonely" on YouTube follows Akon's previous entries into the Billion Views Club with "Smack That (feat. Eminem)" and David Guetta's "Play Hard," where Akon featured alongside Ne-Yo.

Akon's music video for "Lonely" continues to captivate audiences and stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of his music and visuals. You can revisit the "Lonely" music video and relive its iconic moments below.

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