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Accusations Against Florida Anger Management Therapist in Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man

A tragic incident unfolded in DeLand, Florida, as a therapist specializing in anger management, Travis McBride, has been accused of the fatal shooting of a homeless man, Clinton Dorsey, and subsequently concealing the body in the trunk of his car.

DeLand police responded to multiple 911 calls on Thursday morning alerting them to the heinous crime, as detailed in McBride's arrest affidavit. An unidentified caller reported a murder, describing a person cleaning up blood on the road and searching for shell casings.

The caller identified the alleged perpetrator as "Travis" and the victim as "Clint," revealing that the body had been dragged across the road and placed in a vehicle.

A second 911 caller, who was standing in front of a DeLand address, whispered to the dispatcher about a murder committed the previous night. DeLand, located approximately 40 miles north of downtown Orlando, became the unsettling backdrop to this tragic event.

Upon locating McBride, police observed a scratch on his arm and a red mark, which McBride attributed to his dogs. Simultaneously, another officer encountered the second 911 caller, expressing fear of McBride and revealing that he had fatally shot "Clinton."

Following the information provided, police proceeded to the alleged crime scene where they discovered a significant amount of drying water on the roadway, seemingly unrelated to recent rainfall. A spent shell casing was also recovered at the site.

The second caller, who claimed to witness the slaying, recounted seeing McBride dragging Dorsey's lifeless body across the street toward a wooded area. The caller further revealed that a few hours before the shooting, McBride had visited her home searching for Dorsey. McBride alleged that Dorsey had placed glass in a jar to harm his dogs, adding a disturbing context to the unfolding tragedy. The investigation is ongoing, and McBride is likely to face charges of first-degree murder.

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